Moth Man, excerpt from Jim Coyle's "Army Film." 3.8 mb

Bob Strovink shot and directed Jim Coyle's "Army Film." Here's an excerpt from an email where Bob talks about the making of the film:

"I introduced Jim to Frank Payne, Project Manager at the Army Pictorial Center and responsible for producing films for the Chaplains. Frank loved Jim but had another Director in mind. Jim insisted and made Payne agree to let me shoot and direct the film.

I never knew what character Jim would assume when he stepped out of the van each morning..."Moth Man"..."Bird Man "..."Vegetable man" never knew!

The only time I ever saw him crack up was when he was buried and the last few shovelfulls of earth were tossed onto his grave. The camera shows his obvious shaking as the earth moves violently with his laughter and he tries to breath through a tube."

Coyle & Sharpe © Mal Sharpe