Current Videos

"The Warbler" excerpt, 10 MB
From a segment that aired in 1963

"The Efficiency Experts" 15.1 mb
From Coyle & Sharpe's 1964 television pilot, "The Impostors."

"The Moth Man" 3.8 mb
from Jim's "Army Film" (financed by the US Army)

"Human Vegetable Farm" 3.9 mb
Another scene from Jim's "Army Film"

"The Street People" excerpt, 4 mb
Mal's 1973 network television show, filmed in small towns
across the United States

Ad for "The Sonny [Bono] Comedy Revue" 3.3 mb
1976 ad , starring Robert Goulet, Juliet Prowse and Mel Torme,
by Mal Sharpe for ABC

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