Liner Notes, The Absurd Imposters
Released in 1963

Liner Notes, Audio Visionaries
written by Mal Sharpe
Released in 2000

Mal Sharpe, Back On the Streets Again,
by Ben Fong-Torres
November 17, 1995

Liner Notes, The Insane (But Hilarious)
Minds of Coyle & Sharpe
Released in 1964

Liner Notes, Coyle & Sharpe On The Loose
written by Jennifer Sharpe
Released in 1995

Mal On The Street:
The Ambush Humor of Mal Sharpe
1995 SF Weekly

May We Graft Chicken Wings To Your Head
In the Interest of Aviation
by Kenneth Goldsmith
June 1995, Published in LCD

The Pop Life: Different Pranks In Different Eras
by Neil Strauss
January 2000, New York Times

Rent A Pigeon
January 13, 1964, Newsweek

New Zanies; by Dwight Newton
June 11, 1963, The S.F. Examiner